1. Create a self love ritual

Turn off the TV and unplug from social media for 15 minutes to get centered while self-pampering. One way of doing it is to moisturize your skin with intention. Massage your feet, thank them for getting you to where you need to go; as you moisturize your hands, love them for all the transactions and introductions they've helped you with throughout your life. By doing this you’ll stop taking your body and your life for granted and relish how blessed you are while showering your self with gratitude.

2. Build a precious community

As much as we would like to think we can, we can't do everything ourselves. You need the support and love from people around you to stay motivated and on track. Research shows that positive energy is contagious, so whether you're building a network or planning to go to a fun event, it's always important to have a community you value around you regularly.

3. Make a "Whats working for me" list

Truly loving your self comes from self-acceptance. And one helpful step toward getting to that point of self-acceptance is recognizing what you already have that's great by writing a "What's Working for Me" list. Once you see it on paper and accept all of the positivity in your life, it will make it that much easier to love yourself.

4. Clean out your closet 

Tidying is more therapeutic than you might think, and getting rid of old things will make room for new long lasting treasures to come into your life. Cleansing your mind can sometimes work in the form of letting go of clothes, shoes and jewelry that remind you of a certain time in your life that links to a negative vibration. Don't chase what's already happened; love yourself enough to know the best is yet to come. Also, a well edited and tight closet will eliminate your daily "what-to-wear" stress! 

5. Wear spirit-lifting clothes 

Wear pieces that encourage that inner strength of yours! We feel that fashion should inspire you to be all that you are and it should let your unique personality to shine through. Choose soft and well fitted pieces that can all be mixed and matched seamlessly regardless of season. Pieces that you can easily mix and match to your heart’s delight - whether your off to work, dinner or anything that might come up in between. 

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