In order to create a sustainable and timesaving wardrobe, these are the styling and shopping secrets we swear by for 2020 and every year to come.

1. Invest in multi-tasking pieces

Aim to create a wardrobe that work as hard as you do. Invest in pieces that can work for any occasion with just a little tweak. The secret is to switch between boots, sneakers, heels and jewelry to make your look suitable for the occasion.

2. Find your uniform

Ask yourself: What pieces in my wardrobe makes me feel unstoppable? Create a comfortable yet elegant uniform based on those pieces. When shopping, opt for functional basics that all can be worn together. Look for pieces that create a style which is designed to fit your busy schedule.


3. Travel Light

Did you know that 8 pieces, 5 tops and 3 bottoms, together creates more than 15 different combinations? Promise yourself to maintain structure and by that, save more time and energy while traveling during 2020.


4. Choose Wisely

When updating your wardrobe, look for classic pieces which not are
designed for a specific trend or season. Also invest in high quality pieces that
have a longer lifespan than the average clothing item. Your new investments
should take you through life with an ease!